Summer Camps

Summer  Camp  Schedule


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July 27th -Aug.10th 

Spring Valley Academy

Boys and Girls Ages 6-18    Adjustable Goals

937 499-4345

500 Shot Club Monday’s (NOT for Beginners)
EVERY Shooter Guaranteed 500 Shots!
Guaranteed to be a SHOT MAKER!!!!!
July 30th 9-12pm
Aug 6th 9-12pm
LIMITED to 20 Campers ONLY Per Camp!

Shooting Camps
Attend 1 Shooting Camp for $50
Attend 2 Shooting Camps for $80 Save $20
July 27th 9-12pm
Aug.3rd 9-12pm
Aug.10th 9-12pm
Last 13 Camps Have SOLD OUT!!!


2 Day Individual Camp/1 Day Shooting Camp
$99 for 9 Hours of Instruction Save $25
12:30-2:30pm Shooting Camp









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Making Plays in Massachusetts!!!!!!

WHY have WE Impacted over 16,000 Children in 9 States?

    May 17  6-9pm  Taunton High School 

May 18th  6-8 pm   Bridgewater State Univ.

May 19th  9-11am  Bridgewater State Univ. 

OPEN TO ANY BOY  OR  GIRL Grades 3-12 

No Cost   NO-ONLINE Registration   ALL WALK_UPS!!!!!

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5 Responses to Summer Camps

  • Katie Fields says:

    Hello, just wanting a little more information on your camps/programs. I have two 7 yr olds who love basketball and one who would play year round if there was something like that for his age. I see something you offered couldn’t be started till 3rd grade…if they cannot take here, do you know of any other programs available to younger children?

  • Will Holt says:

    I was wondering when your upcoming camps are because I’m very interested in coming. I play 7th grade basketball at Kettering middle school. Thank you

    • wadeoconnor says:

      Good evening, We have camp tomorrow at 3:30-5 pm tomorrow at Spring Valley Academy in Centerville.