“Coach O’Connor’s passion for development is second to none. His experience of teaching and coaching top collegiate Division One Athletes across the country provides him a great perspective on and off the court. He helped me develop into the Leader I am today at State Farm Insurance.”

“Coach O’Connor is the definition of intensity meets intelligence with his individual skill development….Both Mentally and Physically!”

“Coach O’Connor has been a great mentor to me on and off the court. Things he taught me on the court has helped me with my professional career to this day. Also teaching me that things in life will not always go your way but with consistency and grind you can get through those life struggles. His wisdom and passion for the game are truly one of a kind. It’s a blessing to be able to have a guy like Coach O’Connor in my life.”

“Coach O’Connor helped make me a better player than I ever thought I could be. My skill level was at an all-time high and he helped me believe I could play with anyone in the country! Wade is a great coach but even a better friend almost 20 years later!!”

“Great coach who loves the game! Coach O’Connor is a great teacher who loves helping players reach their maximum potential. He cares about each player genuinely on and off the court. I loved playing for Coach O’Connor and recommend him to any player looking to be the best they can be!”

“When I tell my story, Coach O’Connor plays a major role. He was the coach that gave me the opportunity to further my career after high school. The man who saw something more than my 6’2″ 157lb frame showed to others. When I speak about my career over the years, I always say Coach O’Connor was the one who really taught me the game and how much HARD work you must put in to get a positive result. After playing for Coach, I truly felt I was ready for any situation I would face on or off a basketball court. He coined the phrase Hungry and Humble and I would use that phrase to guide my career.”

“I owe so much of my success as a person, and basketball player to Coach O’Connor. Coach believed in me from day one and challenged me every day to become a better leader, basketball player, and most importantly a better person. Thanks to him, I went from having one scholarship offer coming out of high school, to playing professionally in both the NBA Developmental League and overseas in Germany. There is no doubt in my mind I would not have been able to reach these levels of success without the guidance of Coach O’Connor.”