Due to unforseen weather there will not be training “Ballin in the Barn” in New Carlsile this week Monday – Thursday / June 17-20th.

8 Hours – $99 or 15 Hours – $149 (Best Value – Less than $10 Per Hour)
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Upcoming Schedule and Events

Scroll Down our page to view more details and register for each event.  Schedule subject to change, please check back for updates.
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June Summer Basketball Camps!!

Indivdual and Shooting Camps!!

Ballin at the Barn!!!
New Carlsile

Individual and Shooting Camps
Walk-ins Always Welcomed

Summer Camps!!!

Only Summer Camp in Dayton to Provide Transportation.  Pickup point in New Carlsile, Fairborn, Beavercreek, and Bellbrook.  Call 937-499-4345 to schedule a pickup for our summer camps.

Locations: Henley Hall – Beavercreek, Spring Valley Academy – Centervile, Franklin, Bradford

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Dates of Summer Camps!!

– June 17 – Henley Hall
– June 18 – Henley Hall
– June 19 – Bradford High School
– June 21 – Henley Hall
– June 23 – Franklin Jr. High School
– June 24 – Henley Hall
– June 25 – Henley Hall
– June 26 – Bradford High School
– June 28 – Henley Hall


10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Individual Camp
– $20 Per Player
Walk-ins Welcomed!
– 4 Days (1 Week) 8 hours of instruction $50, $100 max
– 8 Days (2 Weeks) 16 hours of instruction $75, $125 Max

– June 17th – Monday
– June 18th – Tuesday

– June 19th – Wednesday (1:30 PM – 3:30 PM)
– June 20th – Thursday
– June 24 – Monday
June 25 – Tuesday
– June 27th – Thursday 

“In appreciation for all your time and effort. Your loyalty and commitment are unmatched. You will always be part of my family.”
Thank You,
Billy Donovan
NBA Head Coach
Oklahoma City Thunder
Congratulations to University of Dayton Head Coach Anthony Grant. We worked together on OKC Head Coach Billy Donovan’s Staff at Marshall University from 1994-96. Under Coach Grant’s  Leadership….
UD is going to Make Plays Today!

Coach Wade with ESPN National Scouting Expert Paul Biancardi, Nike National Grassroots Director John Stovall  and All Star Girls Report Recruiting Expert Bret McCormick. Each Expert has known and TRUSTED Coach Wade for Over 20 Years.

SV Academy
1461 Spring Valley Rd.
Boys/Girls  Ages  6-16

Elite Workouts 
NBA WNBA   Europe  Only Post  Workout in the #937
Point Guard -Jason Williams
Wing Scoring Workout
Division 1, 2, 3, NAIA nd Junior College…
OVER 5 Million Dollars  Athletic Scholarships.  

Mark Dorris Princeton HS Rated Division 2 in High School, Developed with Coach Wade. Earned a Scholarship at Marshall University and Played Professionally in Germany for 6 Years.
The Barn in New Carlisle
5630 Dayton Brandt Road        N.Carlisle
20 Minutes from Dayton, Beavercreek ,Vandalia or Springfield.

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Purpose: We will teach your child overall skill development, Learn How to Play 1 on 1, 3 on 3, 5 on 5, and Offensive/Defensive Concepts
Format: First 30 Minutes Skill Development
Last 30 Minutes Games
Location: Spring Valley Academy 1461 Spring Valley Rd. Centerville
7 Week League:

Team Training / Small Group Workouts & Camps!!

Beavercreek Stars Program 2018!

Team Training Workouts

Location: At your gym or ours!!!
1 Team – 8 or more players – $10 Each – 1 hour
2 Teams – 16 or more players – $7.50 Each – 1 hour
Contact us at 937-499-4345 or by email Click Here

“Until WE Recognize that the Escalating Problems WE Face in OUR Schools, Communities and Personal Lives are NOT Isolated Issues but Rather manifestations of WEAK CHARACTER, WE will Continue to WASTE OUR TIME, Energy and Resources Continuously treating symptoms instead of Targeting their Source for elimination through the Utilization of PRO-ACTIVE CHARACTER EDUCATION Transforming WINNERS into LEADERS One Day and  One Child at a Time.

PRIVATE 1 on 1 & Small Group Workouts 

At The Barn in New Carlisle

Saturday Mornings
45 or 60 Minute Workout

Call Today to set your appointment! 937-499-4345 

“Coaching Clinic for a Cause” – October 28, 2018.  

University of Dayton Head Coach Anthony Grant and Asst. Coach Donnie Jones

Miami of Ohio Head Coach Megan Duffy and Staff

Wright State Head Coach Katrina Merriweather and Staff

19 in a Row! Learn from One of the Best Shooting Coaches in the Country! Coach Wade is Here to Help!

Guaranteed Improvement!

937 499-4345


Please Watch: Our 14 Year Old Son Collin          

My last day here…

What’s OUR Purpose? 

Who are WE Leading?

What is OUR Legacy?

Our Trophies are OUR Children…

Wealth is OUR TIME with them

Legacy of  LOVE is OUR Purpose in Life   


WATCH HERE: Coach Wade at Age 46…Range to 30 Feet. Attend our Shooting Camps as a Shot Taker and Leave as a Shot Maker…..Steph Curry Range Finder.


WOW!!!!!  $84,000.00 College Scholarship Discount!

Parents: What is your Plan to Pay for College?

Only 3% of High School Players will earn an Athletic Scholarship…#TRUTHPILL

LISTEN HERE: President of the Chamber of Commerce in Bellbrook Greg Davis gives you the Secrets of our www.BeBoldAcademicPlan.com 

What is Your Purpose in Life? Listen /Watch here and Learn from his 12 year old Twins Sydney and Hannah and his 14 year old son Collin. We have Impacted over 18,000 children in 9 States…because We know Our Purpose..Who’s Plan?    

Listen/Watch Here:  Former University of Dayton Assistant Coach 4 years ago was Living in a Halfway House and with YOUR HELP has Impacted over 18,000 Children in 9 States….Why? Listen to his story of Choosing Pain to a Restored Purpose One Day at a Time, One Person at a Time….YOU will NEVER Learn as Much as He has Learned…Because YOU have Never Failed as much as He has Failed on so many Different Platforms….WHO’S PLAN?   #TruthPill 

My Dad’s Legacy….LOVE
Husband/Father of 49 Years, Educator for 40 Years, Guidance Counselor and Best Friend.
“For  a Child to Be UnLoved, Unwanted ..I will Never Understand it Wade. I have Never seen the Color of someone’s skin. Always see the Content of their Character, Core Values, their Heart.    Purpose…Simple…

MAKE PLAYS TODAY LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Teamed up with Athlete’s in Action to Learn OUR Purpose in Life.

Be Bold Academic Plan
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Over $2 Million in Academic  and Athletic Scholarships!!!!

Grateful to Superintendet David Caldwell and the Goshen Education Foundation President Jeff Garr. Our Children Helped Raise Over $18,000 Teaching over 200 People Our 4 P’s, 4 C’s and 4 L’s.

Testimonial from Our U.S Army 2 Star Major General Jeff Hammond.
March 2017 – 13 year Old Collin Griffin…..Stage 4 Cancer  54 weeks of Chemo/Radiation….
May 22, 2017  Circle of Prayer #PrayCollinStrong
March 9, 2018  Legacy of Love
” WHIO-TV is Grateful Wade O’Connor trusted us to share his story and vision for the Future. It’s wonderful to see how he is Impacting lives and “Making a Difference” in our Community.”James Brown WHIO-TV  Channel 7 Award Winning News Anchor