Listen/Watch Here:  Former University of Dayton AssistantCoach 4 years ago was Living in a Halfway House and with YOUR HELP has Impacted over 18,000 Children in 9 States….Why? Listen to his story of Choosing Pain to a Restored Purpose One Day at a Time, One Person at a Time….YOU will NEVER Learn as Much as He has Learned…Because YOU have Never Failed as much as He has Failed on so many Different Platforms….WHO’S PLAN?   #TruthPill 
Please Watch: Our 14 Year Old Son Collin           
My last day here…
What’s OUR Purpose?  
Who are WE Leading?
What is OUR Legacy?
Our Trophies are OUR Children…
Wealth is OUR TIME with them
Legacy of  LOVE is OUR Purpose in Life   
19 in a Row! Learn from One of the Best Shooting Coaches in the Country! Coach Wade is Here to Help!
Guaranteed Improvement!
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What is Your Purpose in Life? Listen /Watch here and Learn from his 12 year old Twins Sydney and Hannah and his 14 year old son Collin. We have Impacted over 18,000 children in 9 States…because We know Our Purpose..Who’s Plan?    
WATCH HERE: Coach Wade at Age 46…Range to 30 Feet.Attend our Shooting Camps as a Shot Taker and Leave as a Shot Maker…..Steph Curry Range Finder.