The Making of Make Plays Today

Former University of Dayton Assistant Coach, Wade O’Connor, was living in a halfway house. With YOUR HELP, he has impacted over 18,000 Children in nine different States….How? Hear Coach Wade O’Connor’s story of choosing Pain to Restored Purpose, one day at a time with one person at a time…YOU will NEVER learn as much as O’Connor has learned, because YOU have never failed as much as O’Connor has failed (and he never wants you to fail as much as he has)…WHO’S PLAN ARE WE LIVING? Discover #TruthPill

Collin O'Connor Testimonial

Coach Wade O’Connor’s son, Collin, tells his story.

What’s OUR Purpose?
Who are WE Leading?
What is OUR Legacy?

Our Trophies are OUR Children…
Wealth is OUR TIME with them.
Legacy of LOVE is OUR Purpose in Life.

Shot Maker

19 shots in a row! Learn from one of the best shooting coaches in the Country. For guaranteed improvement, sign up for one of our shooting camps.

What are the 4'Ps?

Hear Wade O’Connor’s children, Hannah, Sydney, and Collin, describe the 4’Ps. What is your purpose? Who’s plan are you living? Impacting more than 18,000 youth across the Country…Because we know our Purpose.

#13 Morehead State defeats #4 Louisville

Kenny Hayes with 52 Points in D League

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