Transforming Winners into Leaders by Make Plays Today

is a nationally recognized leadership development course specifically designed to transform winners into leaders. Our leadership development course is utilized by a wide variety of individuals and organizations:

    • Athletic teams
    • Coaches
    • High Schools and Universities
    • Government organizations
    • Nonprofits
    • Small businesses
    • Corporations

Course Portfolio

Transforming Winners into Leaders to Develop Your Teams

Character Development

Understand individual purpose and passion through core values:

  • 4P’s
  • 4C’s
  • 4L’s
  • 4F’s
  • 4D’s
  • 4S’s
Leadership Skills

Learn and apply the
three-step CVA leadership implementation plan:

  • Communication: Creative a positive culture
  • Vision: Identify organization gaps
  • Action: Eliminate gaps and focus on results
Individual / Team Training
  • Implement core values and the CVA plan
  • Engage using the participative leadership workbook
  • Evaluate team culture using the TEA tool
  • Develop a team action plan
  • Utilize supplemental resources
Accountability Review

As a team, discuss leadership development and progress throughout the leadership course. Through this collaborative feedback process using the participative workbook, you begin utilizing leadership and character skills directly impacting your organization’s culture and action plans.

If you would like to bring Make Plays Today into your organization, but feel our full Transforming Winners into Leaders leadership development course is not the best fit for you at this time, consider transformation in other ways:

Our team helped a company finish #1 in the Country in gross profit out of 57. National average was a 15% increase and we finished with a 100% increase.

We have impacted over 16,000 students, athletes, and coaches in nine different states:

  • Specific feedback on style of play to fit your team’s needs
  • Individual meetings with your players
Speaking Engagements:
  • University of Tennessee
  • University of Florida
  • University of Akron
  • Goshen Education Foundation

Comprehensive approach:

  • Spiritual – your purpose? 
  • Emotional – your self-esteem?
  • Physical – daily self-care plan?
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