Policies and Procedures...

  1. Purpose: The purpose of the Make Plays Today (MPT) After-School Program and Camps are to provide a quality resource for parents that must work outside the home after the school day is over. Our mission is to provide a nurturing, safe environment where your children can relax with their peers after school. During each day children will fill their afternoon with Tutoring, outdoor/indoor play, reading time, and leadership Life skills.
  2. Ages: The ages of the children are 5 years to 13 years.
  3. Special Needs: The services for special needs children follow the American Disabilities Act. We reserve the right to deny services based on the inability of MPT After School to ensure safety and good health due to a child’s special physical, mental, behavioral, or emotional conditions and the limited resources available within our program.
  4. Hours: The hours of operation are 2:50 PM – 6 PM Monday through Friday on days that school is in session.
  5. Weather: Should we encounter severe weather, we will remain inside. We will bring children off the playground immediately should the weather include threatening storms.
  6. Acceptance in the program: Please fill out the registration form on MPT After School website https://makeplaystoday.com/. Please read the handbook and indicate that you have done so by checking the appropriate box. Please read the Policies and Procedures and indicate that you have done so.
  7. Fees: Fees are $30.00 per day for one child.
  8. Supervision: We are always with the children. We count children at the beginning of the afternoon and match it to the number of children signed in. We do a count any time we move locations. A child must ask permission to use the rest room, and a staff person holds the bathroom passes. When the pass is returned, we know the child is back. Staff is always with children. We have no offices that take us away from the center’s activities.
  9. Behavior Policy: MPT is s committed to creating a successful environment for your children. Our procedures on positive instruction, supporting positive behaviors, discipline and consequences are the following: MPT believes in respect for each other. We will only speak to your child with respect when we need to provide discipline. Should a problem arise, your child will be given two verbal warnings to correct a behavior. There will also be a quiet time of reflection to review the incident. We will work hard with you and your child to ensure their success, but respect and kindness are imperative. Should we be experiencing any significant behavior problems, you will be advised. If the problem continues to be ongoing, your child will no longer be welcome to attend MPT, and the parent will be notified by phone and given 24-hour notice. To work together to prevent that, we have implemented the following:
  • The MPT staff has been trained in positive teaching practices, and we will engage family support and open communication with the family throughout to ensure children are being guided in a positive direction.
  • Our Staff is all trained to respect your children and treat each other as we all want to be treated
  • MPT Directors and teachers are trained to teach proper friendship building, team building, and being kind to each other. Each teacher respects your child and will always demonstrate how to treat children and each other.
  • We will work as a team with you to develop a behavior plan for your child if they are struggling. You will be our greatest resource in providing the support we need for your child to be successful. Should the need ever arise that your family needs more support for your child, through our continuous training, we can offer family mental health contacts for you to support your child in all environments

10. Accidents/Illness/Emergency: When a child becomes ill or is injured during the after-school program, the parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. If the parent cannot be reached, our staff will adhere to the emergency contact information on your child’s registration form. Please notify us immediately if changes occur in addresses, phone numbers, or emergency contacts for your family. Should we not be able to reach anyone, we will call 911 for transport to needed medical facilities.

11. Lost Children: Should a child be missing after school, the following protocol will be followed: Our staff will first patrol the school and school grounds thoroughly; secondly, we will contact the parent to see if the child was picked up without signing out. And thirdly, if unable to locate a child, we will call 911. We take every precaution in educating our children not to leave our program without permission. We take no field trips. The children will not be transported away from the center by our staff unless there is an emergency (see handbook for more info)

12. Releasing a child: When a child is released, the authorized person must sign the child out on our sign-out sheet. No one will be released to anyone not on the registration form unless you notify us to do so. If you want your child to sign themselves out for any reason, we must have a signed letter from you stating they are permitted to leave of their own accord. Children may sign themselves out with parental permission on file.

13. Late arrivals: MPT After School closes at 6 PM. If you will be later than 6 PM, please call us and notify the staff. We will wait with your child until you arrive. Should you run late regularly, an extra fee will be incurred. Should there be an emergency and we do not hear from you for 15 minutes past our closing time, we will contact others on your emergency call list to come and retrieve your child. We do not take Field trips, so there is no concern if a child arrives late for a group activity; all activities occur at the program location.

14. Medications: We administer life-sustaining medications only. It is recommended that children needing medication should receive it from the school nurse before the end of the school day or from their parents after picking it up. If your child has a life-sustaining medication (ex. Epi-Pen, Seizure medicines, etc.), we must have them stored for the school year with our program. The physician’s prescription must also be on file with instructions to administer, signed by the parent or legal guardian. We have paperwork available at the program center, or we can email documents to you to sign.

15. Personal belongings: All children’s belongings will be placed in a holding box of their own while at MPT After School. We have many placed out each day to house children’s belongings.

16. Visitors: Visitors are to sign in at the front desk and notify a staff person that they are there.

17. Complaints: Should you have a complaint against our center, please phone Wade O’Connor directly at 937-499-4345. We always want to know if a parent is dissatisfied so we can remedy the situation for you.

18. Child Abuse: To report child abuse, Call the Child Welfare Hotline at 844-264-5437. 

        Canceling our Services: Should we, or the school, decide that we are no longer able to provide services, everyone will be given a 90-day notice at the end of the school year. If your child has been asked to no longer attend our program due to poor behavior choices, please see #9 regarding behavior policies. We also reserve the right to refuse to do business with any family that is rude to our staff or directors. Or to any family who repeatedly is late to pick up their child. We do all we can to accommodate everyone’s needs, but we will stop doing so when it negatively affects our staff. We will also give you a 24-hour notice.

19. Reservations: You do not need reservations. We will staff accordingly to accommodate all families.

20. Occasionally we will show a children’s movie in our program. All movies will be rated G or PG. No other electronic devices are permitted.

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