Privileged to Speak at Billy Donovan’s University of Florida Camp

image (5)Thank You to Billy Donovan and his staff for giving me the Privilege to speak to over 400 Campers at the University of Florida camp last Monday.
Before I spoke to the camp, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Scott Whitaker, co-founder He and his son Nathan have collaborated to write Tony Dungy’s Books “Quiet Strength”, “Uncommon Life” to name a couple.
It’s a God thing…..Scott and I sat down and I shared with him Why we were there talking…..I can not explain how we met but because I have an Open Mind, a willingness and a Honesty One Day at a time, image (4)I seeked him out through friends he has Impacted like Billy Donovan and Donnie Jones. His Wisdom in a self caring way helped me tremendously. I shared with him some of my life’s experiences and he did the same. It was a Powerful meeting and my level of Gratitude has no ceiling.
Before I left Gainesville, Scott handed me a two books, one authored by his son with Tony Dungy “Uncommon Life” and one he authored ” Maximizing Your Impact: Purpose” My mom always said when I was growing up that I had good thoughts, work on getting them down on paper. I read the first 3 chapters of Scott’s book, it captured my thoughts exactly…Powerful in a Self Caring Way…Thank You Scott…It’s a God thing!
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