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image (31)“Daddy, who is that woman over there, you know that statue of ?” Hannah asked. Sydney said, ” I don’t know Hannah but she might have hair shorter than yours.”


I started laughing so hard and my friend of 20 years, Joe Arnone, the current ticket manager at UT took our picture together.


My former Boss and friend of 20 years, Donnie Tyndall was named Head Coach at the University of Tennessee this past May after winning 58 games and back to back appearances in the NIT at the University of Southern Mississippi. I worked for him for 2 years at Morehead State and one year at Southern Miss. I have unbelievable gratitude to him and the staff for having the opportunity to speak to over 200 campers.


It was a Family Affair, I had my twin girls Hannah and Sydney answering questions in front of the camp talking about “Listen to Learn”, “Attitude and Effort” and ” Make Plays Today”….not tomorrow in Life! The twins were fired up!


Coach Tyndall has an outstanding staff starting with Justin Phelps, Adam Howard, Chris Schumate, Al Pinkins, RJ Rush and newly hired Jimmy “JT” Burton. They have done very well with recruiting, will get through the Donnie Tyndall Gauntlet and will shock the nation come next March. One Team, One Dream!


As we were leaving Knoxville, Sydney asked me,” Daddy, who is that statue of that woman.” I told the twins it was Pat Summit, All time wins leader in the history of college basketball for the men and woman, overall record of 1098-208. Also 8 National Championships! Hannah said, “Wow, she is a Legend” I said to myself, yes she is , also a very demanding, disciplined Leader who truly cared about her players on the floor and in the classroom.


She served from the heart, showed she cared with love and a loyalty second to none as part of her Family in life!image (32)
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