How LeBron James Jr. Impacted Our Son Collin…

How LeBron James Jr. Impacted Our Son Collin…


Blue Collar Basketball Camp was held by Varsity Head Coach Brook Cupps at Watts Middle School in Centerville 2 weeks ago. Over 50 kids in the gym for a 4 day camp with varying skill sets except for one young man, LeBron James Jr. Gabe Cupps, son of Brook Cupps plays on the same AAU team as”Bronny”, the son of King James. Win or Lose the NBA Championship, I was going to write this “Blog”.


I believe that their is so much Hate in our Culture, when do WE have time to LOVE? Please raise YOUR hand if You have played in the NBA? Please raise YOUR hand if YOU are Perfect? Then WHY are WE so Judgmental? When the Cavs were down 3-1 in the series, The amount of Negativity and Drama surrounding Lebron/Cavs was unfair and embarrassing to listen to everywhere. I grew up an hour south of Boston in Fall River, MA from 1971-2004. I thank God I grew up around the Tradition of the Celtics, 18 NBA Championships and counting. I remember Witnessing the Celtics being down 3-1 to the Sixers in the Eastern Conference Finals listening to Johnny Most on the Radio. The Celtics came back, won the series and went onto win the 1981 NBA Championship vs. The Houston Rockets. I also witnessed the Celtics win in 84′ vs the LA Lakers and 86′ vs the Rockets again. The Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit to win their 1st NBA Championship last night…For me the story was 2 weeks ago at Watts Middle School in Centerville.


“Bronny” is a very talented, skilled player who has range to 23 feet off the dribble or the catch. He is a  YouTube sensation, articles done on him under the enormous microscope….I am not going to compare him to his Dad…he is 11 years old, let him be a kid. For me, a Divorced Dad of 3 children, it is obvious he has been taught the Core Values of Respect, Kindness, Commitment  and LOVE. My son Collin is a solid player who has a great passion to compete and all he wants to do is win. Like Pat Riley said when he was the Head Coach of the LA Lakers, there is Winning and Misery..that sums up my son. On the third day of the 4 day camp, Collin, a huge Steph Curry/KD fan, was placed on the same team as Bronny, Gabe Cupps, lead Point guard Rodney from Pittsburgh. Bronny  Gabe and Rodney were the “Big 3”, Collin was so Grateful to Coach Cupps to be just a part of the team instilling the Values of his Program, Unified, Tough, Passionate and Together.  


The game was played in front of the entire camp, a back and forth contest. On the other team, one of the best point guards in the Country was leading their team…it was a girl, Amy Velasco. Ask the boys about her game..enough said! The game came down to one shot with 6 seconds left down 2, campers yelling and screaming with anticipation to take the lead and possibly win it. Bronny started at half court broke his man down off the dribble, penetrated to pass, kicked out to my son for a “3”. My son, “Ball in the air, feet in the air, left, right, shot…..missed. My son’s reaction was like a sniper came out of the ceiling and shot him in the heart. After the miss, they fouled right away and lost by 4. After the game was over my son Collin was inconsolable until Bronny walked over, showed my son Love, half hugged him,  whispered in his ear, It will be alright. 


Watching Game 7 with my son last night, my ex wife and twin girls Sydney and Hannah. First time I have seen my son cheer against Steph Curry. I asked my son, Why are you cheering for the Cavs?” Collin replied, “Bronny, Dad, we got to root for his Dad! We gotta Show him Love Daddy, c’mon.” I said, “OK”. 


As the Cavs and King James went onto their 1st NBA Championship on Father’s Day, I am so Grateful to Witness the Love that Bronny has been taught by his parents/Dad to Show Love to my Son. Bronny changed my son’s heart to root for his Dad. For me, I ask ..What is the Color of Love? Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “Please judge me on the content of my character not the color of my skin”. I Thank God I am alive to Witness Coach Cupps, his son Gabe and Bronny showing Love to my son Collin. Showing Love..such a Simple Plan ..not Easy. Happy Father’s Day LeBron…We will be judged by how much Love we show other people and teach OUR Children…You and your wife have taught your son Bronny well. We need to Make Plays Today Together..Show Love.


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